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Why are holidays essential?

Holidays mean happiness

A study showed that those who took breaks were happier and showed signs of increased happiness after holidays. The study recommended taking two or more short breaks throughout the year.

Improve sleep

Regular holidays can boost quality of sleep, which helps the brain process new information. So if it seems like everyone is suddenly talking gobbledygook, it might just be time for that vacation!

Strengthen family bonds

Holidays help to re-connect and strengthen family bonds while making new memories and traditions. On average, people spend more time at work than with family, so a holiday is perfect for family bonding.

Get inspired

New experiences get creative juices flowing and prevents burn out. This in turn improves mental awareness and helps generate new ideas. Get inspired on your next adventure!

Get active

Holidays are the perfect time to try something new. Why not try something active like kayaking, mountain biking or abseiling? Maybe it will be the start of a healthy new hobby!

Improve your mood

A break boosts emotional stability and when you remove yourself away from high-pressure environments, you start calming down. Being snappy, irritable or easily upset are usually signs that you desperately need a holiday.

Greater intimacy

Studies show that couples who travel together have a better, closer relationship and improved sex life as the time off allowed them to focus on each other. Forgo the jewellery and flowers, go on holiday together instead!

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Our holiday philosophy

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Our holiday philosophy

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Timeshare - The best way to afford a holiday

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The best way to afford a holiday

Avoids inflation

Timeshare ensures on-going future holidays. Accommodation is the number one necessity when you go on vacation and being a timeshare owner means paying for future holiday memories at today's prices.

More spending money

Because you save on accommodation cost, you will have more money to spend on other holiday experiences, entertainment and activities, helping to make your holiday truly memorable.

Self-catering means savings

Save more money by cooking and preparing meals yourself. With our well-equipped kitchens, you are able to whip up elaborate dinners or simple family meals in a flash. Alternatively, braaing is always fun!

Complimentary leisure services

Enjoy further savings by taking advantage of all the free on-site facilities, scheduled entertainment as well as other complimentary amenities available exclusively to timeshare owners.

Overseas Holidays are Affordable

You pay off your holidays in affordable monthly instalments, so your holiday is paid for when you go on holiday!

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